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“Armenia is waging a dirty war”

Sociologist and International Relations Expert Behlul Aliyev (PhD) pointed out that the Azerbaijani side was fighting a virtuous war against the dirty provocations of Armenia and said: “Armenia’s attacks are against the ethics of war as well as international law. Armenia shows how dirty it is waging a war with it.”


Emphasizing that Armenia’s appetite has increased with the failure of the 30-year search for a peaceful solution in Azerbaijan, which is under occupation of 20 percent of its territory, Dr. Bahlul Aliyev, Sociologist and International Relations Expert from Istanbul Gelişim University, said: “During this period, myths of “invincibility”, “hero nation chosen by God” were formed in the Armenian administration and the Armenian people. With the support of the international community, the constant breakdown of the ceasefire regime that had existed since 1994 and the impunity had further fueled these feelings. With the coming to power of Nikol Pashinyan in 2018, the emergence of domestic and foreign policy problems and the Pashinyan regime’s desire to cover the discontent arising from the grassroots with the Karabakh issue were inadvertently strengthening these myths.”

Dr. Bahlul Aliyev continued as follows:

“Pashinyan’s visit to Karabakh after every failure in domestic policy, the oath-taking ceremony of the so-called head of the regime to be held in Shusha, which is considered sacred to Azerbaijanis, the participation of the wife of the Prime Minister, Anna Hakopyan, in the military training in Karabakh in early September and symbolically aiming arms at the Azerbaijani side, while keeping the feelings of victory in the Armenians, on the other hand, strengthened the sense of retaliation in the Azerbaijani people. With the beginning of the war, the heavy defeat of the forces, which had been deployed and accumulated in the region for about 30 years, and considered the most powerful units of the army unification, in a very short time distorted these myths.”


Stating that there is more than one reason for Armenia’s hitting civilian settlements outside the conflict zone in Karabakh, Aliyev said: “Armenia has several aims by hitting civilian settlements. Its first aim is to disrupt the concentration of the Azerbaijani army. It aims to force the Azerbaijani army to expand its maneuver area by striking different regions, thus reducing the intensity of attacks on the Karabakh front. The second aim is to force the Azerbaijani side to attack the territory of Armenia and then to bring the war to the international level. The third aim is to provide comfort to the people of Armenia on the defeat in the front, and the fourth is to force the Azerbaijani people to put pressure on the government to stop the war. Fifth, and most terrifying, it is to initiate migration in the region by the irresponsible and immoral massacre of civilians and thus affect the demographic situation, even if it is defeated.”


Drawing attention to the Armenian forces waging the war everywhere but the front, Dr. Aliyev continued his words as follows:
“While the Armenian soldiers and other militia forces that fled by dropping their weapons along the front were defeated over the defeat, the Armenian administration and the Ministry of Defense denied any serious losses in the front. As such, Armenia is attacking civilian settlements in Azerbaijan with SCUD-type ‘Elbruss’ and ‘Tochka-U’ ballistic missiles, which are prohibited against civilians, however, in spite of all the evidence, Armenia denies these attacks with utter language and claims that these attacks are imitation of the Azerbaijani side in order to mislead the world public opinion. On the other hand, they are waging an information war in a dirty way by serving the photographs of civilians massacred in Azerbaijan as “Armenian civilians” in different media, such as the internet, nad protests in Western countries. While the former ASALA members, Nubar Ozanyan Battalion and other militias were brought from Lebanon and Syria to fight on the Armenian side, it accuses the Azerbaijani side of making terrorists fight, without relying on any evidence. Armenia realize all its attacks as a proxy by hiding behind the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh regime.”


Stating that the Azerbaijani side waged a virtuous war against the dirty provocations of Armenia, Dr. Bahlul Aliyev said: “The Azerbaijani army is fighting a virtuous war against the Armenia’s dirty war which violates international law and war ethics. Civilians are never shot, prisoners of war are treated humanely, provided with medical services, under the Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949. Azerbaijan Army continues its Homeland War ethically and morally by answering on the battlefield.”

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